Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The black jew.

-He is a Jew

-No he is not,

-Yes he is he told me

-hell he also said he was black and I just see him "prieto"

-and he is 24

-nah have you seen him? At least 27.

I made a bet with Marie and Jerry, ask the trainer to go to the bathroom and instead looked for you.

-let me see your ID


-c'mon I need to see it~made a pouty voice and face~

- I am 24 you don't need my ID

-YES! I do let me see it.

-what is on it for me?

- you will be making me happy?

- no really what's on it for me?

- I may do something you want that is not nasty?

- ok

he handed the ID in fact he is 24 years old, his last name "Cortez" sounds very Spanish I point and ask.

-didn't you say you were a "jew"

-YES I am

- your last name doesn't agree.

(After the world war 2 the Jews that came to Mexico as refugees took names that ended in es and change the end to ez first to disguise along Mexicans second to still be able to identify themselves with other family's" he explains.)

-ok I am not satisfied nor I believe you but I've got to go.

Back at training room I confirm he is 24 and Jew, I still have my doubts but as the good friend I am I accept it since now I have new ideas to "bully" him.

At lunch time I am just talking about the so many ways you are not a jew listing them as for the regular clitches.

-your nose is not big enough, don't have curly hair, your beard is short, you don't wear the tiny hat, you are poor as fuck, don't speak Hebrew, you are a God damn regular Mexican I say.

-it is because from my mother side we are descendant of black slaves.

- yup definitely average Mexican (being that Mexicans are mix of Spanish with the Indians that where here when they came)

-no I am black from the waist down. (You said winking)

-your away, you most have a tiny one.

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