Thursday, May 25, 2017

My ring.

i left the house this morning, brushed my hair in the car, and tie the laces of my shoes while waiting for the bus, it was until i was doing nothing sitting in the bus that i realize it was gone.

Took my ring the night before to wash a shirt for kid uniform, but while doing so i was so sleepy went straight to bed, and forgot to put it back on, next morning before taking my shower i realize was gone, but forgot to put it back before leaving the house. Needless to say i felt naked all day.

It is not anymore about what the ring represents itself, is more like an extension of you but on me, hard to explain, but the feeling is there, the memory, every time i see it sitting in my finger i think of what you say, when i took it from that Christmas tree and opened the box, "Now you belong to me" i smile and went to the couch so i could kiss your pink smiley face.

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