Thursday, May 4, 2017

The sardine bus.

If you have ever been on a bus so crowded people are standing also in the stairs, to get up then and only then you may know my frustration of today. 

After a happy day at work, yes happy and work I put them in the same sentence, yes a little bit crazy over here. Any how after a long happy day at work I left the office went to a close convenience store and got a sandwich and bottle of water, then headed to the bus stop...

Let's say I should've eaten my sandwich while I was waiting,

The bus wasn't just full it was like a freaking can of sardine's, I didn't realize until I had paid and would not bein able to get my money back, otherwise I would of waited for the next.
The bus driver kept stopping and letting people get in... He has his own seat... Ass.

As I am standing here having trouble to eat my sandwich my best friend decides to text me, that would be fine if I wasn't stupid enough to set a song as the ringtone for text messages. Not only the message came and "hedeegard" of  Luke Graham starts playing also "peces de ciudad" (city fishes) of Joaquin Sabina, stays playing, can you imagine the sound of 2 songs not only that but 2 different languages in your ears as loud as it can be, while I am holding the water bottle and pushing the fucking sandwich in my mouth all at once so I can stop, it was painfully, I DO NOT ADVISE to do this.

Anyhow bus emptied a block before my stop.

Karma! I should of give my seat to that old guy a week ago, fuck equality and femi Nazis I want to live in the 70s again (mannerly wise).


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