Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The brunnete

I was taking calls as usually when I saw you standing next to me, with a blank face you didn't looked like crying but I felt you were about made a gesture of give me one minute, placed myself in after call and finished my call.
-what is wrong?
-my wife has "brown hair" 
- yah, she uses dye but keeps coming back, the hair stylist says she might be brunnete for good
Logged out of the avaya and went to the living
-Kimmy knows? How long? Which type of brunette? Will you divorce after this? 
 I hugged you and asked what would you do I was almost speechless at this point. 
-I don't know I can't divorce her like this, would be humiliatingfor her, and she is the mother of my child!
-you can absolutely divorce her if that is what will make you happy, I know is easy to say, hard to hear and impossible to do, but is not good for her you or the kid to stay together if y'all don't love each other, just support her with her condition maybe look for another expert.
-yes I know but I don't know what to do all the women in my life, have bad shit happen to them. 

Your mom never lost the baby fat and your wife turned out to be brunette 

-could be worst, she could of turn out to be vegan or enjoy CrossFit.
Your laughter between tears and the worried face you had told me you needed  his and to not leave you alone.

The three of us left at 3 pm that day.

You guys were so amazed of the way I lied to my mother, and you yes you were shocked when I told my mother "yah his wife is brunette and he can't divorce her now. "

Her answer was same as mine.

-now I understand why you are the way you are.

You were a drunken virgin, and Kimmy and i could not leave you like that, not in a day like this!
Went to the store bought beer, i didn't drink, you both did,(today is the day day you swear, you weren't drunk, and i dont think it really matters). I am not sure who decided it was hungry, so you guys went to the store to buy bread while i cooked the hamburger. Apparently Kimmy forgot how to run, in the way back home, (i was just a bit tipsy she says)
-Lets see who get there first!
-No, Kimmy...

Yes she fell at the middle of the road, with NOTHING on her way that may have caused the fall, nothing to stubble upon, nothing to trip with. When Raed ran to help her get up, his ankle said "back off bastard" as he felt how it sprained. He limped for a month but AGAIN he wasn't drunk.

So much for nothing she left you that night.


  1. Best line ever: His wife is brunette so he can't divorce her right now.

    1. im glad you like it, my friend is obsess with the baby fat part, but she is skinny, dont know the struggle xd

  2. Love this! Feels like im reading a book

    1. thanks so much.

      Is it a good thing is like a book or bad one?

  3. pffft! *cough cough* vegan in the building! It was an interesting story. I'm a bit confused so I'm going to go and see your other posts because Farahzia was right, it's like a chapter from a book. You should check out there's a free proof reader and grammar checker. In your header you have spelt 'their' wrong, it should be 'there' (but that's really easy to do). I also struggle to read the thin text but I have bad eyesight, despite all of the carrots that I eat :p (please do not think I'm farting all over your website. I think it's awesome and I love the idea behind it) I think that it will be much easier to read with a standard type font is all. Much love and support and never stop writing. xo

    1. thanks so very much for that i really appreciate it, my boyfriend is supose to read proof for me (he has great grammar and is a writer too, but is a new thing,) thanks for the website tip i will absolutely do that, and about it being like a part of a book, i definitely think someday might be just that, as all i write are stories that happen to me and my friends/family thanks so much i am very glad you enjoy reading it!

  4. I enjoyed reading this and tbh I have no idea what it was about..I mean, was she a blonde before? What happened to the drunken virgin? So many questions.

  5. Was a little confused by this post but at least it was entertaining.


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